Rafał Dominik
After Humans, Before Robots: Top 10 Little Known Stories

In his first individual exhibition at the Kasia Michalski Gallery, Rafał Dominik furthers his research and presents a new selection of works. Fascinated by popular culture, the artist utilizes elements known from the world of mass consumption and reconstructs them in the gallery space, attributing them to the world of art. Emblems of contemporary lifestyle, such as sports shoes or smartphones, become both inspiration and the subject matter of his works. The tension between art, trends and consumption is essential in his practice: perceiving visual art and material culture as vital elements of social life, Rafał Dominik aims at introducing them into the mainstream, and eventually blending the two together. His quest for an accessible and intelligible art form is reflected in the materials he utilizes: metal rods, adhesive paper or foil, and various plastics (foam or styrofoam) are sourced from popular market chains.

The works presented at After Humans, Before Robots tackle themes of contemporary developments in technology and contrast them with motifs relating to the prehistory of civilization. Utilizing contemporary tools and media: 3D printing and rendering, LED lights, as well as painting, Dominik fabricates alternative versions of history. Each work, presented under one of ten “stories”, conveys a strong narrative component —regardless of the form: abstract or figurative, virtual or material. After Humans, Before Robots: Top 10 Little Known Stories recounts about our everyday life, our alternative past and the possible future, but first and foremost, about the artist’s own interests and obsessions.

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