Jurek Wajdowicz

In his dual practice as a graphic designer and photographer, Jurek Wajdowicz concentrates on what at first glance are binary oppositions. On the one hand, contributing to the mission of international non-governmental institutions fighting for a better, safer and healthier world, he works with disturbing images of poverty, famine, social inequality and violence which he incorporates in his bold, typographic designs. On the other hand, however, when retreating to the solitude of art photography, he creates quieted, contemplative images which bring about an atmosphere of meditation and tranquility.

At the Kasia Michalski Gallery, Wajdowicz presents large scale, abstract photographs, which bring to mind a vision of an urban environment seen from a distance: dazzling with light and color, vibrating in constant, yet imperceptible movement. Although seemingly conflicting, both activities aim at achieving the same effect. The emotional work of memory and imagination is involved to build awareness, and bring a sense of peace and consolation both on an individual as well as on the global level. In both cases, the viewer is forced to ask and assess what he or she is looking at. Wajdowicz’s works thus open our eyes not only to the world surrounding us, but also the one we should cherish inside ourselves.

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All About Photo, 19.06.2015