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The Drawers vol. 2

Kasia Michalski Gallery is delighted to present its second edition of The Drawers project, opening the gallery’s cultural season before the Warsaw Gallery Weekend held on 23-25 September.

The uniqueness of the show’s format, initiated in 2015, continues to be based on a standard piece of gallery furniture which holds nine drawers. Each drawer contains works by one artist only, and only one drawer can be opened at a time. As a result, nine small-scale, ephemeral solo shows emerge, encouraging the audience to interact with each individual presentation.

While the last year’s edition played with the physical limits of the drawers themselves, the exhibition this year presents works by nine emerging Polish artists who take this idea further. Franciszek Buchner, Norbert Delman, Jan Domicz, Jacek Doroszenko, Wiktor Dyndo, Jacek Kołodziejski, Maciej Ratajski, Gregor Różański, and Piotr Rymer were asked not only to submit projects constrained by the 144 x 49 x 4.3 cm format of a single drawer, but also were encouraged to create works that could be presented in the main gallery space, which thus enabled them to develop their projects in more depth, and to demonstrate their individual styles and manifold interests in more detail.

The works, in vast majority created specially for the show, engage a diversity of media, from painting and sculpture to various multimedia projections and installations. Some of the artists, as in the case of Franciszek Buchner, Maciej Ratajski or Piotr Rymer, play with the site-specificity of the place of display, while others, like Jan Domicz and Jacek Kołodziejski, allude to our perception of art as a commodity and our desire to possess it. While Jacek Doroszenko explores the theme of visual sonorities, others, such as Norbert Delman, Gregor Różański and Wiktor Dyndo, question current political and media-related behaviors, shedding light on various forms of oppression and on the Internet’s artificiality.

Although the exhibition lasts only for two weeks, the pieces displayed in the chest of drawers will remain accessible to public after that period.

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Gallery Furniture, AQNB, August 2016