group show
The Drawers

Kasia Michalski Gallery is delighted to present the first from a cycle of group exhibitions featuring works by nine Polish artists, illustrators and designers. The selected drawings, prints, collages and other experimental formats were created as unique pieces or limited editions and will be available exclusively at the gallery. The title of the presentation, THE DRAWERS, refers both to the place as well as to the subjects of the show. The majority of works were made on paper, although drawing is not the only medium the artists utilize. The works showcased at the exhibition aptly represent the artists’ individual styles and their manifold interests and activities.

In the main gallery space, a few chosen works were arranged by the artists themselves. Then, the exhibition continues in the chest of drawers, where a wider selection is shown.The uniqueness of the show’s format is backed by a very practical reason: a mysterious, yet quite standard piece of gallery furniture holds nine drawers. Each drawer contains works by one artist only. Only one drawer can be opened at a time. Thus, we come up with what could be described as nine tiny, ephemeral solo shows, encouraging the audience to interact directly with each individual work and each individual presentation. After the two-week long show, the pieces, guarded in the Gallery’s chest of drawers, will still remain accessible to public.

Participants of the first edition:
Rafał Dominik
Ewa Doroszenko
Michał Gayer
Ewa Iwaniuk
Maria Jeglińska
Piotr Krzymowski
Magdalena Łapińska
Szymon Szewczyk

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